How the Sun Impacts Your Roof

How Will the Sun Influence the Quality of Your Roof?

Your home’s roof will protect your home from the sun’s rays. But even then, your roof will pay the price over time. Your roof will be at risk of many issues triggered by the sun’s rays.

These hassles can be concerning to homeowners throughout the DFW Metroplex area. The intensity of the sun’s rays can be a problem for any roof. Don’t worry, we can check your roof and repairing any concerns brought upon by the sun.

3 ways the Sun Affects Your Roofing Surface

There are three particular issues that you might notice when it comes to your roof and how the sun can influence the area. Here’s a look at those three points.

1. Decaying Tiles

Your roof’s tiles can wear out due to the sun’s rays after a while. The heat and dryness make it harder for the shingles to survive. You’ll need to get the older tiles around your roof fixed as soon as possible.

The old decaying tiles can expose some parts of the roof’s underbody. The exposure can cause damage to your roof if not handled quickly enough.

2. Warping Surfaces

You may notice some tiles warping around your roof. Warping occurs when a shingle starts to curl or bend. The curling goes upwards and can weaken your roof. The areas underneath the tiles will become visible due to all the excess curling, thus possibly hurting the quality of your roof if not handled well enough.

The warping occurs around the corners of your tiles for the most part. Sometimes the warping can develop around an entire side. Either way, the warping can cause extensive damage to any shingle no matter how old or new it may be.

3. Cracking Spots

A shingle can also crack after a while. The intense heat from the sun can cause the body of the shingle to wear, eventually to where the bottom layers will tear apart.

The tile may also curl from the heat and experience excess stress that leads to a crack. A crack can cause your roofing surface to become loose. The opening may also add a space for water to go through.

Surrounding tiles may also be negatively impacted by cracks, as they aren’t anchored as well as others. It would be easier for moss and other growths to get in these areas. Also, sometimes the cracked shingles might spread into your gutters and litter those places.

Get Roofing Help From the #1 Frisco Roofing Contractors

You’ll have to get any of these problems fixed as soon as possible. It would be impossible to keep the sun from hurting your roof throughout the year, so many of these problems can be inevitable. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing for help with fixing any roofing problems that might develop around your yard.

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