The Roofing Shingle Inspection Process

How Are Your Roof Shingles Inspected?

A yearly roof inspection is standard in places like North Texas. Why? With the winter wind and ice, spring hail storms, and summer heat, there’s always something affecting your roof.

But how does the roof inspection work? Many steps will go into the review process to confirm the quality of your roof or to identify possible threats getting in the way:

  1. Your roof will be monitored from the ground. Sometimes sagging, wear, and other problems can be easy to spot on the ground. For future maintenance purposes, any troubling spots are noted.
  2. We check areas that have experienced sun-related damages. These include segments that have curls, cracks, and other issues causing tiles to buckle and move away from the roof.
  3. Any moss growths are reviewed. Moss can grow in places that are overly moist or are covered by shade. Some of these growths can trigger leaks that can become worse if not treated soon enough.
  4. Any missing or damaged shingles will have to be checked based on what might have caused those shingles to have fallen off. Such damages can be dangerous due to a shingle wearing out.
  5. A much closer analysis of your roof will be necessary at this point. A ladder should go along your roof at this point. A professional at Town and Country Roofing can get a better idea of the issues. Any open joints or possible signs of rot are critical to spot.
  6. Monitor the shingles for anything missing or curling. Granule loss can be a problem. The issue entails the shingles losing their textures. Granule loss can be dangerous, but an inspection can help you with monitoring problems over how these shingles are developing.
  7. The flashing around your roof also has to be inspected. The flashing goes along the air vents, chimney, and other openings around the roof. These have to be monitored based on any openings or cracks that have developed around these segments.

A True Understanding of Whether Repair or Replacement is Needed

 You’ll need to have a complete examination to ensure there are no threats around your roof. The thorough inspection will confirm any issues around your roof.

An inspection will also identify any problems, and what should be done to fix these issues.

FREE Roof Inspection

You’ll need a roof inspection eventually. You cannot afford to deal with significant risks surrounding the quality of your roof. Contact us at Town and Country Roofing to learn about how we can help you with a full inspection of your roof to identify any threats around your area.

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