How To Remove Shingles

Removing Shingles for Repair or Replacement

You’ll need to get plenty of shingles on your roof removed when you’re fixing the surface. But the shingles have to be torn off the right way. Failing to remove these shingles well enough can cause damage to the roof.

Our experts at Town and Country Roofing can help you in removing all of these shingles the right way. We’ll see that these tiles come off well without harming the underlying structure around the roof.

A Unique Tool Works

The tool utilized in removing roofing tiles can include a notched shovel that can go after the ridge caps and top parts of the shingles. The tool will assist in applying enough pressure to go through the tiles.

A garden fork may also work here. The fork won’t catch on nails, so it becomes easier for it to clear off shingles.

What Motion Works?

The appropriate motion is necessary when clearing off the shingles from your roof. A professional can use a shovel or fork going downward. The device will move the nails and parts up to allow the shingles to come out. It is also easier for the nails to come out when the device goes downward.

Not all nails will come out the first time. A professional would have to remove those nails separately. A traditional hammer with a material at the end that helps in loosening or removing those fasteners may be suitable here.

Where Do You Start?

A professional would have to start removing the tiles at the top part of the roof. The best idea is to remove the ones that are the furthest from the trash receptacle used to store all those tiles. You don’t want to have lots of debris scattered around your yard.

Of course, a tarp or other protective material may go over your yard to keep those items from getting in the way. The proper plan for removing tiles should help all that debris from being hard to clear off your property.

Don’t Forget the Flashing

Eventually, the flashing around your roof will require replacement. Like with shingles, a prying bar and similar tools may be necessary. To prevent leaks, replace damaged flashing ASAP. 

Call Town and Country Roofing for roofing help today. We provide repair and replacement services alike. We will clear off all these tiles the right way without harming the underbody of your roof or impacting your lawn. Contact us about how we can fix or replace your roof.

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