Repairing or Replacing a “Historic” Roof

Consider This When Fixing or Replacing a Historic Roof

A historic property can include an attractive roof that adds to the building’s character. Some roofing designs might be more visible than others, not to mention they make properties more interesting and aesthetically appealing. But it might be harder for you to repair a roof like this if you aren’t careful.

Our professionals at Town and Country Roofing are open to serving roofs on historic properties all around the Frisco, TX and North Dallas area. Our work will ensure an older building will receive the help it needs while preserving its appearance. Even the oldest houses in the area eventually need a roof replacement, and we’ll be there to help.

What Works Best?

The material on an old roof can vary based on the property. Various compounds are utilized in the creation of roofs since the early twentieth century. These include everything from traditional roofing tiles to wood shingles. Corrugated iron and asphalt have also be utilized in some roofs.

The goal of fixing up a roof is to find materials that look similar to what you have now. The work includes finding tiles that will fit in with the property’s appearance without adding excess weight. Sometimes the roofing features might need to be painted before they can be installed.

Making Your Own Roofing Surface

If you want to keep the exact roof you had before, you may need to make your shingles. For instance, a roof with wood tiles might require new hand-made tiles. Everything will need to be done custom. The array may also have a finish or paint coating that adds to the look.

How High Is the Roof?

Older properties often feature elaborate roofing structures. These include spots that feature top points that are hard to reach with a traditional ladder. A special crane or another device that facilitates easy access may be necessary. Something has to help in getting access to whatever you’re trying to support.

Protection For the Rest of the Property

It’s good to protect your property from falling debris during the roof repair. While coverings are useful for all properties, it is especially important to have these features when working on an older property. You don’t want to risk harming any unique stonework or carving features around your building. Covers will keep tiles, granules, and other items from possibly crashing into these features and causing them to break apart or otherwise become weak.

Check the Documents For Your Property

You should also look at the old documents surrounding the construction of your property. Such documents may include details on the original structure and its layout. Refer to these details when looking at how you can fix up a spot while preserving the property’s integrity.

Call the #1 Frisco Roofing Contractors,  Town, and Country Roofing, for historic roof repair or replacement today. We will see that your roof receives the help it needs while retaining the distinct appearance of your property.

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