Protecting Your Roof

What To Do When Protecting Your Roof

Our experts at Town and Country Roofing can help you with improving upon the quality of your roof at your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But it is critical for you to note how well you can keep your roof safe and protected before anything concerning might develop. There are many things to consider when looking at how your roof will stay secure.

Trim your trees near your roof on occasion

You need to keep your trees from getting in touch with your roof. You can cut down on your branches that might get near the roof. This is to keep them from scraping the roof tiles. The work also ensures the roof will not bear with leaves landing on the top. You’ll have to be certain when handling your roof that you are under control with how well the tiles stay intact without anything possibly wearing out or otherwise not working well enough.

Remove Any Debris

Debris can come in many forms, including leaves and snow. A leaf blower can help with removing all the leaves that build upon the roof. The blower should be applied with minimal power though. Also, no one should get on top of the roof to clear off the leaves.

Any cases where snow does appear during the winter should be resolved as soon as possible. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing to help you with removing the snow from your roof.


The airflow should go down on the slope of the roof. This is to keep debris from possibly going under the edges of the shingles. Note the movement carefully.

Look at how well the gutters are working

Gutters are critical to moving water away from your home and should be checked regularly. Failing gutters can make it harder for you to keep your roof protected. The threat can be dramatic if not handled well enough.

Watch for how well your roof looks after a major wind storm

It should be easy for your roof tiles to stay intact after a wind storm comes about. The roof tiles should stay intact, but it helps to ensure that the tiles in question aren’t going to be at risk of tearing apart or otherwise wearing. This is to ensure that the tiles you have are secure and will not be much of a threat.

You’ll have to look at what you’re doing when keeping your roof healthy. You can reach us at Town and Country Roofing for additional help with managing all the concerns and issues that you might have for your work needs.

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