How to Clean Algae and Moss From Your Roof

How Can Algae and Moss Be Cleaned Off of Your Roof?

Algae and moss are two difficult concerns that might make a negative impact on your roof. These are growths that can cause your roof to become discolored. These might also cause difficult concerns surrounding how well your tiles will stay intact.

The good news is that you can get rid of algae and moss from your roof tiles with a simple cleaning method. Our experts at Town and Country Roofing can help you with cleaning off these features before they can become harder to handle.

Important Points of Note

  • Inspect the ALGAE AND MOSS. Review how well algae and moss are cleaned off. You can trust us at Town and Country Roofing when taking care of these growths.
  • Ensure No Current Damage. Our work ensures that no tiles are damaged by a ladder, sun, or other material.
  • No Excess Weight on the Roof. Having added weight on your roof can damage the quality of the tiles.
  • Gentle Washing Process. Power washing is dangerous for a roof, as the effort could cause tiles to wear out and come apart.

How to Clean

Our cleaning plan will involve a safe material that won’t cause damages to your roof.  We use a safe mix of liquid chlorine bleach and water.

Mix the two parts as evenly as possible. The bleach can be laundry-strength, as it provides a good sense of cleaning support without potentially wearing out the roof and producing any negative effects.

Proper Application

  1. Apply the compound to your roof with a sprayer. 
  2. Let Sit for 15 to 20 Minutes
  3. Wash off lightly with water
  4. Gently Rinse off with water.

Applying as little pressure as possible prevents the water from possibly stripping anything off the top or causing tiles to come off and wear out.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process helps to prevent algae or moss from becoming more of a problem. Our work will help to restore the tiles without worrying about the cleaning material becoming hard. Being capable of keeping the materials under control will be safe to use.

Let the #1 Frisco, TX Roofing Company Help You

Our team at Town and Country Roofing will assist you with getting rid of all those things that can grow on your roof under the sun. The work is all about giving your roof the help it needs without risking problems over how well algae or moss might develop.

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