Solar Panel Installation Considerations

What Should I Know Before Installing Solar Panels On My Roof?

Adding solar panels to your roof is one of the best ideas that you could consider for your home. Solar panels help you receive renewable energy that is clean and affordable. You can reduce your utility bills and even enhance your property’s value depending on how well the array works.

But you must be cautious when reviewing the quality of your roof and how well it can handle your solar panels. Here are a few things to consider:

How New Is Your Roof?

You will have a better time with installing solar panels if you have a new roof. A new roof surface would provide you more space for getting the solar panels ready. A roof can last for about 25 to 30 years, which is about the same length as the warranty on a new solar array.

The best thing to do is a new roof replacement before you add your solar panels. This is to ensure both your roof and solar panels are secure.

Can the Water Drain Well?

Ensure your roof can handle rainfall and can drain accordingly. The solar panels should be installed to where there will be no obstruction of water in your setup. If the water can’t drain well, issues are soon to come.

How Strong are the Supports?

You’ll need to look at how well your roof support system through your solar panel layout. These supports include materials that will affix your panels to the base of your roof.  Make sure the supports are secured with enough flashing to keep the space insulated and protected. If not, expect a leak to occur shortly down the road.

What About the Warranty Or Insurance?

You should also ask about whether your solar panels are going to impact your home warranty or homeowners insurance policies.  Knowing this before hand will allow you to prepare accordingly.

Reach out to Town & Country Roofing if you need help with installing a new roof or ensurinng your solar panels will be ready for use and capable of providing your home with the renewable power it needs to stay active.

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