FAQs About a New Roof

What can you do when choosing to get a new roof?

You can get a new roof by either getting your current roof system torn off and fully replaced or by getting a new covering over your current roof system. Check with the rules for how a roof can be installed based on what the local homeowner’s association in your area states. The odds are you might be limited to just one or two coverings before you must get a completely new roof installed over a space.

When would you absolutely need to get a new roof?

You would have to get a completely new roof if you have split or missing shingles or if there are rotting or breaking down spots on your roof that might keep it from being stable. You could also benefit from a new roof if the shingles available are lighter in weight or more durable than the shingles you have right now.

How long can a new roof last for?

Your new roof should last for at least twenty years, but there is a potential for the roof to last longer depending on how weather conditions in your area change. Some metal and clay tile surfaces might last longer than most other options.

What fasteners are used to get your new roof surfaces attached properly?

Nails or staples may be used as fasteners for your new roof. But no matter what is chosen, you would have to ensure the roofing fasteners can resist corrosion.

Does the entire roof have to be replaced if it is leaking?

You might only need to fix the area that your leak is in when getting a roof to fix this space up. If the leak is too prominent or it is coming out of many spots, you might have to get a new roof altogether instead of just one small fix.

How long will it take for your roof to be replaced?

The timing for replacing your roof will vary based on the size of your roof and its complexity. You might expect to spend at least a week getting a new roof applied onto your home, although that time might be if a month if you have a very large property to work with for getting it fixed up.

Do you have to leave your property during the re-roofing process?

The odds are you probably will not have to worry about getting out of your home during the process. You might have to leave if the process is extensive and if the rest of your property is at risk of damage if too many people are around it. But you could at least stick around in your home in most cases. Also, you should not have any limits as to where you can go, but it would be best to remove the things from your attic temporarily during the process.

Can gutters be added alongside your roof?

It is strongly recommended that you get gutter added onto your roof to keep it strong and protected, but at the same time you should try and get those gutters added after the roof is installed or replaced. This ensures that the gutters will not be easily clogged or covered up by anything.


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