Choosing a Roof Color

Choosing The Right Roof Color

Have you thought about the color of your roof? You can find roofing surfaces in various colors. You can choose from everything from brown to black to red and even some other secondary colors.

There are a few standards for making it easier to choose an attractive roofing surface.  Consider these things below.

Check Your Homeowner’s Association Rules

The homeowner’s association in your neighborhood should have rules surrounding what you can do with your roof. 

Consider Your Neighbors

You don’t want your roof’s color to clash with whatever your neighbors have. Your roof needs to have a look that feels natural and blends in with everything else in your area.

Aim to Visualize

Visualize the quality of the color you want to utilize. See how the color looks through a computer program, if possible. You can get a more appealing look at what you might expect to find out of your roof, depending on what you wish to use for your roof.

Note the Climate

The climate in your area can influence your decision. Darker shingles can absorb heat, which is useful for colder regions. A lighter shingle setup will keep your home cooler, as the bright color can deflect sunlight.

Look At Your Architecture

Note the architectural design of your home. A light tone will make your home look larger. A darker color will cause everything to look a little smaller. Take a look at how well your property looks in comparison with other features. It’s easier to see how the color will influence its overall style.

Note Your Siding

The siding around your home can make an impact on what works too. The siding should mix in well with the roof color. The roof needs to be distinct from everything else. Create a healthy blend between colors.

Call the Frisco Roofing Experts

You can contact us at Town and Country Roofing to ask us about what we can do for your roof installation needs. Our team can check on how well your roof will appear and provide you with a full preview of what you can utilize for your home.

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