Removing Snow and Ice From Your Roof

Considerations For Removing Snow and Ice From Your Roof

You might not think that your roof in the DFW area is going to develop snow or ice in the winter. But, there is always a potential for snow or ice to accumulate on your roof. The risk can be significant, depending on how much snow builds up. 

You’ll need to remove that precipitation off your roof. The snow or ice must be removed to ensure the added weight will not last for long and potentially harm your roof. Many factors must work if you’re going to remove these things from your roof.

Review How It Falls

Look at how the snow and ice will move off of your roof as it is cleared off. You’ll have to look for a safe place where you can clear the precipitation off without hurting yourself or anyone else.

Look For a Snow Rake

A snow rake is necessary for cleaning snow off of your roof. A rake will go on the roof and remove the snow and other features all around. You would have to be cautious when using the rake, as you don’t want to scrape the body too hard.

The rake needs to stretch out long enough to cover much of your roof. Check the end of the rake, as you don’t want to use anything that might scrape or harm the roof layout.

How Far Should You Go?

Plan the raking process with extreme care. You need to remove enough snow, but you also have to keep the removal process as safe as possible. Go a few feet up on your roof to remove the snow, as you will remove enough weight after a while.

You might not be capable of reaching all the places around your roof. But that is fine, as removing even a small amount of snow from your roof should be enough in helping you clear everything well enough. The relief that comes from removing a more modest amount should be fine for protecting the quality of your roof.

Does Deicer Work?

A deicing material can be useful when clearing stuff off of your roof. A deicing compound will help you with removing even the most difficult buildups, including ice dams that might form after a while.

Calcium chloride is often useful. The material should go on the roof without the calcium chloride directly harming the quality of the roof.

The most important part of removing ice is to avoid rock salt. The compound will damage your roof shingles.

Expert Roofing Contractors in Frisco, TX Area

You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing to learn more about how we can assist you. Our work includes reviewing how your roofing materials and keeping snow and ice from being a concern. We want to ensure your roof is easy to maintain without harming its quality.

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