Do I Need an Extra Layer of Shingles?

When It’s Best to Avoid Getting a Second Layer of Shingles on Your Roof

You have the option to consider getting another layer of shingles on your roof if desired. We at Town and Country Roofing can assist you with applying a layer if you need an extra bit of support for keeping your roof secure and stable.

Adding new shingles makes it easier for your roof to stay protected. Our work will help to add a new series of shingles that will produce an extra layer of coverage and security over your roof. The sheet may also be appropriate if you have a few shingles that are not working as well as they should.

But there might also be times when you should get a completely new layer on your roof. That is, you would have to remove the old tiles from your roof and replace them with new tiles altogether.

4 Times You Need Two Layers of Shingles

You can get up to two layers of shingles, but there’s often a need for you to get new shingles altogether. Here are a few points that suggest that you’d have to remove your old shingles and get new ones instead of adding a second layer:

1. The roof deck appears to be damaged

You could notice problems with your roof deck that suggest there are issues with how well your roof is working. Some sagging places or other soft spots might appear around your roof. The leaking may be too dramatic to the point where you need to remove and replace your shingles instead of adding a second layer.

2. Flashing is wearing out

The flashing around your chimney, vents, or other places may become loose. Weak shingles can cause gaps to develop around the flashing areas, thus promoting leaks. Adding a new surface altogether is recommended if the flashing is not working well.

3. The first layer of shingles has a high profile

The shingles might feature profiles that protrude further outward. A second layer may not provide enough protection. A lump appearance will start to show up after a while. Replacing those high-profile shingles with something else is best.

4. Adding a second layer may be too dangerous due to the added weight

Applying a second layer of shingles would add more weight to your roof.

There’s a chance your roof won’t be able to handle the stress that comes with the extra shingles. As a result, you would have to remove the old shingles. 

The problem is especially critical in areas where rainfall or snowfall is more likely to develop. The added weight from precipitation would only make the matter worse.

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All of these concerns aren’t fun for people to think about when it comes to maintaining their properties. There will be cases when it is better to remove old shingles than it is to add a second layer, so be aware of what is working on your roof.

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