How Missing Shingles Affect Your Roofing System

Why Missing Shingles Are a Risk to Your Roof

Having a few missing shingles on your roof can be a hassle. Those missing shingles will make your roof look bare and uneven. But there’s more to the issue than the physical appearance. The threats that come with having missing shingles around your roof can be dramatic.

You will need to get your shingles cared for as soon as possible. This includes making sure there are no problems associated with your tiles possibly wearing out or being at risk of slipping off.

Exposing the Underbody

Missing shingles will cause the underbody of your roof to need repair or replacement in time. The base could potentially allow UV light from the sun to enter your home. It is also easy for your home to become unusually hot due to the heat energy that moves through.

The bare spaces are also more likely to be hurt by hail, rain, and other outside items. Leaks might develop if not cared for properly.

Hurting Other Shingles

Healthy shingles around your roof are in danger from missing shingles. The shingles that are still on the roof have now become exposed to the elements. 

The areas underneath those shingles are exposed, thus making it easy for them to loosen their grip. Those shingles will start falling off due to the outside harm.

Heavy wind gusts can also be a threat. Wind can go under the shingles near the bare spots, thus picking them up and removing them. Sometimes the winds can be powerful enough to tear shingles apart.

Bacteria Buildup

Bacteria can develop around your roof if you don’t get your missing shingles replaced. Leaves and other bits of natural debris can get on your roof and sneak in under the existing shingles. It would be easy for mildew, mold, and other unsavory growths to appear around your roof thanks to this.

Flashing Impacts

When missing shingles, you expose the flashing around your chimney, air vents, or other places around your roof. The areas may become exposed and likely to develop leaks. Air can move through the open spaces, thus harming the quality of your roof.

How Do You Resolve the Problem?

The risks of not getting your missing shingles replaced are significant. We can apply new shingles over your bare spaces. The new shingles can match up with the others around your room. 

Call the North Dallas Roofing Experts

Talk with us at Town and Country Roofing about how well your shingles look. The odds are we have the particular tiles that you need for keeping your roof protected and safe from harm.

Whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair, the sooner you do it the less risk you take. You’ll have to get everything cared for as quickly as possible.

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