How is a Roof Reflashed?

Reflashing a Roof

One of the top things we can do here at Town and Country Roofing is to replace the flashing in around your roof. The flashing is the material that surrounds things like a chimney, a vent, or other features around the roof. The material used for flashing is copper, aluminum, or sheet metal among various things.

Our work at Town and Country Roofing will focus on getting the flashing on your roof installed accordingly. Our focus is to ensure any flashing features on your roof are replaced as necessary. This includes getting new flashing every few years, or if there are any possible damages that might have come about.

Check the Surroundings

Our work will start by noting the surroundings around your chimney or vent pipe. The shingles around the area should be fully installed and secured.

Remove any old flashing materials from the area. This includes flashing worn out or damaged by weather-related issues. The concerns involved can be substantial, but the best possible work for managing the content is critical to note.

Note the Base

The base around the chimney or vent should be laid out next. The base can be around four inches past each part of the chimney. There should be enough room for the base to move forward.

How Large Should the Flashing Be?

The flashing can be about 12 to 20 inches wide on each side. The width must be long enough to where the flashing will stretch over the place well enough without being hard to apply. The flashing must ensure no threats involved with keeping the content intact and ready.

Cutting the Membrane

A part of the flashing will have to go through the top membrane on the roof. The cut creates a vent for convenience, and it makes for a simple approach to managing your property that will work well.

Applying Silicone

Use a fastener to keep the membrane in place. Silicone is the most popular material to use in the production process. Silicone ensures the membrane can stay in its place and will add enough weight to secure the membrane.

The best part of handling silicone is that it is flexible enough to go through any membrane you wish to work with. The comfortable design provides a better sense of control and support over what you need.

Reflashing Roof Repair By the Frisco Roofing Experts

The work that you can get from us at Town and Country Roofing will ensure quality total roof replacement. You can contact us at Town and Country Roofing for your work needs today.

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