How Do Black Streaks Develop on a Roof?

Understanding How Black Streaks Develop On a Roof

One thing you might notice when checking on your roof is a series of black streaks. These can occur in many situations, and they can make any roof look unattractive. But we at Town and Country Roofing can help you with removing these streaks before they can become more of a concern.

The process necessary for clearing off your roof will vary based on what you have to work with. But we will ensure that anything developing on your roof can be managed well and that you’ll have the protection you need for any situation.

What Are the Streaks?

Those black streaks you might find on your roof are from algae that grow on the top. Blue-green algae can grow on your roofing tiles. The growth is more likely to develop when the conditions are humid.

As the algae build-up, a hard outside coating will appear. The coating produces the distinct black stains that can cause discoloration on your roof.

Algae like this can appear on various roofing tiles. But you are more likely to find them on limestone-based tiles. Algae feed off of limestone, thus making it easier for the material to become discolored if not handled well.

The Threat of Algae

Algae that grow on your roof can pick up moisture over time. The concern can cause premature aging on your roof. Granules will shed off, and tiles will start breaking apart. The threat can cause significant damage to your roof if not handled soon enough.

How Can We Fix It?

The development of black streaks on your roof can be a concern. But we at Town and Country Roofing can help you with fixing these problems before they can get to be any worse. We can work with various efforts:

  • Add new shingles or tiles to your roof. We recommend algae-resistant roofing tiles or shingles.
  • Zinc or copper strips can be applied on your roof as necessary. The strips would be applied to the top parts of the shingles. As the rain hit the strips, the strips will create a solution that goes down the roof and keep the algae from growing. This does not mean that any existing algae will die off.
  • Light washing may also help, although this would vary based on the tiles you have. A roof that has larger shingles or metal materials can benefit from power washing, but you’d have to be cautious with what you’re managing.

The work plan necessary for your roof will vary based on the roof type you have. You’ll need to ensure your roof receives the help it needs every time. We want to give your yard the look that you deserve to have without any problems getting in the way of whatever might be working for you.

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Our work at Town and Country Roofing will help you with keeping black streaks and other unappealing things from appearing on your roof. Talk with us today to learn more about how we can help you with restoring the natural beauty of your roof.

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