How to Minimize Roof Tree Damage

How to Control the Risk of Trees For Your Roof

As appealing as trees can be around your property, they can harm the quality of your roof. You have to watch for what you can do to keep trees around your property from being a burden when trying to get your roof handled well. Keeping your roof protected well enough is essential for ensuring your trees aren’t going to be any harder to manage than what you might expect.

The General Risk

Trees can negatively influence your roof in many ways. Trees can damage your roof and cause the tiles to prematurely wear out. This would require you to get the tiles replaced a little sooner than expected.

Trees can also leave lets of branches and leaves around your roof. These can sneak under your tiles and cause them to wear out. The leaves can also break down and add further weight all around. The intense pressure that comes along can be a burden to your property, but getting your trees maintained and trimmed as necessary can help.

Trim Your Trees

Trim all the trees around your property. This includes trimming anything that might scrape your roof, siding, or anything else around your home.

You should not have to get any of the trees that are causing problems removed all the way.  You can talk with a tree removal or maintenance expert to help you with figuring out what is necessary for your property.

Check Your Gutters

Even after trimming your trees, there is a potential for your roof to still collect leaves. These include leaves from other houses. You should check on your gutters a few times a year to see that they are clean and that they aren’t collecting more stuff than necessary. 

When to Clean Your Roof

Clean your roof twice a year for the best results. Contact a cleaning service to help you with safely cleaning your roof. It also ensures the roof will not tear apart or wear out during the treatment process.

Don’t try to handle the cleaning on your own. Chances are it’s not worth the risk. Power washing your roof would only create a greater problem, as you might end up tearing apart some things from your roof. The fatigue can be significant depending on what happens.

Call The Roof Damage Experts

You will have to be careful when working around the trees at your property when maintaining your roof. You can ask us at Town and Country Roofing for more details on what can work for your roof when keeping it from bearing with excess debris and other compounds that may build up.

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