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  • Roof Nails

    The Importance of Proper Nailing

    ThereThe 411 on Nails When looking at your roof, you likely don’t notice the nails. However, the nails are a very important part of the entire roofing system. They’re essential for ensuring the roofing surface stays intact and in their place. All the nails on your roof have to go in evenly. There must be […]

  • Leaky Roof

    Can I Find A Leak By Spraying My Roof?

    Spray the Roof to Find a Leak Sometimes it’s not easy to find where a leak on your roof originates. But, there is an old school method to find out where the issue lies.  Spraying your roof with a garden hose can identify a leak. It does so by noting how well the water flows […]

  • Shed Roof

    Does My Shed Need A New Roof?

    Your Shed Roof Will Need Help After a While A shed roof isn’t a roof that only goes over a shed or another detached property at your home. The design is a roof that slopes in one direction. It only goes in that direction throughout its entire body. The roof often appears on a lower […]

  • Roof Flashing

    4 Common Types of Flashing

    The Four Types of Flashing Your Roof May Use The flashing on your roof is an essential part of your property. The flashing is a metal strip that goes on the edges and seams of your roof. The pieces that make up your flashing layout will go on the places where water is likely to […]

  • slope and pitch

    What Are The Slope and Pitch On Your Roof?

    What Are the Slope and Pitch On Your Roof? There are many terms associated with roofing. But it’s sensible if you don’t know what they mean. For instance, you might hear points about the slope and pitch of your roof. The slope and pitch are terms often interchanged with one another. They relate to the […]

  • Replacing Your Roof

    Preparing For A Roof Replacement

    Things To Do When Preparing For a Roof Replacement Your home will need a new roof at some point in the future. The roof replacement process will require plenty of effort, and you must prepare your home for the work at hand. You can use many points when planning your home for the roof replacement […]

  • Getting Rid of Roof Moss

    How Does Moss Grow on Your Roof?

    Moss Growing on the Roof One of the most common signs suggesting that you need to repair or replace your roof is when you notice moss growing around your roof. Moss is not an appealing accent to find on your roof, but rather something that can weaken its structure. Moss may also cause breathing difficulties […]

  • Gutters

    Cleaning Out Your Gutters

    The Importance of Cleaning the Gutters Around Your Roof You might not assume that the gutters around your roof are going to impact your roofing tiles. The gutters will move rain away from your home, thus preventing flooding. But your gutters could harm your roof if you do not clean them enough. Regular cleaning is […]

  • birds on roof

    Clearing Birds Off Your Roof

    Tips For Clearing Bird Off of Roofs While it might look nice to see a bird perched on your roof, that doesn’t mean it is always a welcome sign. A bird can damage your roof and leave debris all over. Whether it entails adding branches and other things for a nest or from defecating on […]

  • home roofed by a contractor

    Adding a Satellite Dish To Your roof

    Installing a Satellite Dish Onto Your Roof You can always consider adding a satellite dish to your roof. A satellite dish can provide you with reliable signals for all your television needs. But you have also to watch how your roof can support the dish. The satellite dish may be appealing for your entertainment, but […]